New England Patriots

All of the discussion regarding the New England Patriots has gotten a little bit overwhelming. I’d first like to say I’m not here to bash the Patriots for what they have accomplished. They are having a remarkable season and nothing or no one should take away from that. All of the pieces are coming together nicely and they have the right unit of guys to go all the way. That being said, I just want to remind everyone that in 2005, the Indianapolis Colts also went 13-0 through week 14. The talk wasn’t all there for a Colts team which I feel in the long run and with all players uninjured, is better than the current New England team. I’m not a Colts fan either, actually I’m a fan of the Denver Broncos, who aren’t their usual selves this year, or maybe the last 2, but things look good for the future. I just wanted to bring up the point about the Colts’ 13-0 start 2 years ago to make sure people still consider and remember the Colts as the powerhouse team they still are.

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