College Acceptance

This is my return to WordPress for the first time in a long time. I’ve been considering what to write about on here and decided to mimic a friend of mine and just generally disclose information. I have decided to discuss in this post my recent and long awaited college acceptance to Pace University. This college has, maybe inadvertently, been favored by me. Last September I went with my friend Jim Holmes to his moving in ceremony and immediately was drawn in. From then on we discussed the idea of me coming to join him there and this semester I decided to take that shot and make situational discussions into real events. I received the acceptance letter on March 20th and was overjoyed. I had also applied to the University at Albany, but they lost my 40 dollar deposit and claimed that I should pay it again, which i decided against. Their letter said that they cancelled my application but it didn’t matter, my mind had already been made up. The next step in my path to Pace is simply maintaining a 3.0 GPA for the rest of my semester. I had a 3.18 in the first half, so I expect to hold up that end of the bargain. That coupled with obtaining 600 dollars for a few feesĀ are the finishing touches on making my birthday wish come true fully. It was to be accepted to a college for the fall and go away to it and I’m on the verge of fulfilling that request.


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2 responses to “College Acceptance

  1. kaitlynnblyth

    Congratulations on your acceptance!
    I’m a sophomore at Pace University and just wrapped up my first year.
    I frequently write about Pace U, the good and the bad, so feel free to put me on your blogroll.

    Good luck next semester!

    Kaitlynn Blyth

    • illictantumvos

      Ironically enough, after writing this I turned down my Pace acceptance, went to a community college for one semester, transferred to SUNY Oswego this past semester, and now just got accepted to Pace again for the Fall. This time I will be going though.

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