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Dear Readers

I am writing this to all people out there who check up on my blog regardless of frequency. You may fall onto it and say to yourself “Wow, Rob doesn’t post very often.” Truth be told, I usually think of things to post then do it, although the last post was spontaneous. I do have works in progess so consider this a “Coming Attraction” post. The writings will increase, I can promise that. The pieces I plan to post in the next week will discuss past, present, and future things, to offer a little insight. So hold in there and thank you to all of you that read what I write.


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She said what?

I was at my parent’s house on and off the past few days and stayed overnight this past Thursday and Sunday. I found some time in between everything to sit down and catch some TV, so I flipped to my usual, a sports program. Being that it was around midnight, I was just in time for Sportscenter. The show was already going on and I came in at the part where an interview was being conducted (video posted at end of this post) regarding a black woman explaining why she is filing a lawsuit against NASCAR and some of it’s officials.

According to the woman, whose name is Mauricia Grant, three fellow NASCAR employees conducted themselves in a disrespectful, racist and sexist manor (the three said employees are all male.) Grant goes on to describe their conduct and gives some examples as to what and how they went about their misconduct. I don’t want to get into the bulk of the interview because it can be seen below, but I want to discuss a few minor instances.

During the interview, Grant uses language that I would not call PG, not that the interviewer doesn’t expect this. She uses the word “penis” a few times, going uncensored, which is fine, that is not an issue. Continuing on, she then uses the word “dick,” which ESPN decides to censor. The final use of a “curse” word is when the interviewer asks Mauricia to give him an example of a type of phrase that was used against her negatively. She hesitates for a second, seemingly not knowing how to pronounce the word she is about to proclaim, and says “nigger.” The word goes uncensored. A few red flags immediately rose in my head, and I shall list them in number order.

1. Correct me if I am wrong, but everyone in society around age 15+ should know the meaning and pronunciation of the word “nigger.” Mauricia Grant is 32. Judging by her facial expression, she had never heard the word pronounced or ever pronounced it herself.

2. I have seen hundreds if not thousands of ESPN interviews, many of which contain profanity. I have seen an array of Ozzie Guillen interviews in which he used every word in the book, every one of which was bleeped. This is why I am surprised by the fact that ESPN censored the word “dick” but not the word “nigger.” I would assume that if there is a word you would not want used on your program, it would be that one, whether it was given as an example or as an offense.

3. After she used the word, Mauricia Grant let out a nice little smile. I just don’t get it. You could have said “the men used the “n” word” and been serious and actually LOOK like you were offended, but instead she chose to take that long pause and say “um……………nigger” and top it off by smiling with a head tilt.

4. Where do you get 225 million dollars in damages for a lawsuit from? It isn’t like the men destroyed personal belongings or valuables. The only way I could see an amount of that magnitude being demanded would be if the quotes and phrases used by these men caused this woman to not come to work and remain home. I don’t see that here. She is a NASCAR official and while I do not know how much they make on average or even what the best officials make, I can say with utmost positivity that this woman is not making Alex Rodriguez-type salary here. Must be something I am missing.

As promised, here is the video:

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