19. Chris Robinson

Number 19 on the list is a person who I have not spoken with since I was in kindergarten. I do not know where he is or even if he remembers me, but I remember him and his influence.

Chris was the first friend I ever made in my entire life. He was older than me by a year or two but someone watching us communicate back then would never have known. We came to know each other by living in the same neighborhood, having the same bus stop and riding the same bus, and having parents who let us hang out even at such a young age.

I think Chris and I were drawn to each other because we both thought what the other was thinking, always did what the other one did. My memories of his image have faded, but I remember all of our actions, most of which took place on the bus. We used to sing “Gangster’s Paradise” by Coolio every day at the top of our lungs and we knew every single word. I do not know why we did this but it seemed fun and no one else on the bus seemed to think we were annoying, so we just continued with our vocal displays. The only memory I have of us as friends other than the singing, is the one time he came over to my house and we did homework together then rode bikes. Due to him moving away I do not have any more information about Chris, although I did wonder recently where he could possibly be, but I am only free to guess.

I hold our childhood close because of the freedom we felt when acting out as we did. We were never getting in trouble or anything bad, just singing aloud on the bus. It is nice to be able to have such fun at such a young age, and experience a friendship that stays with you, even if the person doesn’t.

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