15. Crystal Holmes

Crystal is the person that filled the sister role for me when I lived at the Holmes residence. When we first met, it was always Jim and I making fun of her and annoying her in one way or another. Over time, especially after I moved in, I developed a respect for her and stopped those foolish games.

Crystal was always quiet, so I made it a habit to engage her in conversation. We discussed school and things and over time became like siblings around the house. This made me feel at home in their household. When I moved out, Crystal was the last family member I ever saw as I set my house key down on the table. We said our goodbyes and I left, leaving behind the friendship that I had built up in my 1+ year living there.

I make it a habit to keep in contact with her whenever I can so as not to lose that sibling-like bond. I thank her for giving me someone to talk to and making my stay there more family-like.

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