14. Dylan Young

Dylan, to me, is an extremely mature individual. Hanging out when we were younger, he helped me keep the younger members of our group in line. When someone in the group wanted to do something that was out of line, we worked together so that that person realized the wrongness of their action. This kept us out of trouble per the guilty-by-association rule of today. I admired his ability to voice his position to you regardless of what it was. Even if he thought you were an idiot for doing something, he told you, and that made me have great respect for him.

Another quality of great admiration to me was his ability to be a leader in any group. In sports, football and basketball mainly, he told people what to do and directed them, and always gave his own full effort. He was extremely smart given his age back then, and I see him going far. I thank him for his ability to keep peoples’ heads on their shoulders and lead by example. Being a caring person who was always free to provide advice helped too.

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