12. Andrea Orton

Andrea is the kindest non-family member I have ever met. She is one of those people that you know you can always go to if you want to talk. I learned of her kindness starting in 11th grade, when she helped me get a job at her workplace. We worked together at Silo Ridge and did the inside jobs. These were always fun because we were constantly talking and laughing, something she makes you do every time you speak. We would go to work directly from school and always got food on the way. It was just a trend she had to follow. Usually we picked up Dunkin’ Donuts or something small, and sometimes I had no money so I didn’t want to get anything. Andrea always insisted that I was going to get something and she would pay for it, never letting me be the one in the group not eating. It was these tiny gestures that showed she was a caring friend.

Andrea also was always available to just talk about things that were on a more serious level. She wasn’t the type of person to ignore the problems of her friends, always reaching out to them. My favorite times were twice when we just sat in her kitchen, just talking and eating a spread consisting of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, bagels, and iced tea. These times were weird in a way because they happened the exact same but were roughly 2 years apart.

Oh well, it was times like those, and her amazing sense of humor, that make me glad to have Andrea as a friend.

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