10. Clayton Brooks

Clayton, along with Jim and I, made up our triangle friendship. We started this grouping in 10th grade in English class and it just took off from there. The jokes were always there along with the friendly ribbing that went on. We hung out after school at Clayton’s house along with other people because Clayton didn’t mind inviting crowds over.

Clayton became a better friend after I moved in with his family. It was Clayton that helped orchestrate me getting that chance and I was very thankful (moving in discussed in upcoming ranking) for it. We joined a summer league baseball team the summer before I moved in and that added to our fun. We would joke around on the field as well as in the dugout. He helped me out with my pitching because he was a catcher, so that helped me in part become the pitcher I am today.

I haven’t spoken with Clayton in quite some time now as our lives have gone in different directions. I actually just sent him a Myspace message last night, leaving my phone number. I hope to maybe hang out when I return home for Spring break. We shall see if he responds.

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