8. Robert/Terry Schreyer

As the last name indicates, this entry discusses Melissa’s parents and one of the four sets of parents I have had in my life. I felt this way very early on after meeting them, but more so after they allowed me to move in with them.

The day I met them, they allowed me to sleep over their house without dispute. I knew from the beginning that they were nice people who continually went our of their own way to help me or allow Melissa and I to go certain places. With me not having a license or car of my own, they offered to drive me home when that time came, and I never seemed to be a nuisance to them. They included me in plans that they had such as going to the campground or getting dinner somewhere. I liked the freedom they granted us in terms of allowing Melissa to use their car(s) to go places that we wanted to. Together they were nice, but they each had their own characteristics to be admired.

I liked Terry’s caring feeling for her daughter, a feeling that we shared. She made us call her when we arrived at and left places we went to make sure we made it. To some kids or young adults this seems annoying but I didn’t mind it. A simple phone call didn’t appear to be any waste of time to me. She also didn’t mind paying for us to go places, allowing us to have fun at carnivals and other recreational spots. I always felt welcome because Terry would always ask if I wanted to go wherever they were going. I was never left out.

Robert, or Ray as everyone calls him, was the exception to the typical father when it came to their daughter and dating.  From the very first day, he was completely kind to me and it was him who gave the final OK to let me sleep over that first day. He has a stance which I hope to adopt as a parent, standing by his children’s decisions and allowing them to make those decisions. He supported Melissa and her choices and said he would always help where he was needed. Most of all, I liked his openness to me helping around their house/yard. This was the case when the heating vent underneath their house had caved in and Ray could not go under to fix it due to his bad knee. He instead allowed Melissa and I to fix the problem with the instructions he provided. It was one of those jobs that no matter what, I didn’t want to be rewarded for because it felt good just to be doing the work so their house could once again have proper heating circulation.

Together, Ray and Terry became parents to me just by being themselves. They allowed me to move in with them in January 2007 and if it were not for my own actions, I would probably still be living there today. In any case, I was thankful for that chance and every other chance that they have ever given me.

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