Things That I Have Observed/Learned This Summer.

  1. Dating someone for 3 years means something. You can tell yourself and others that it didn’t but deep down, you know it did.
  2. After telling myself that I would never date someone that smoked cigarettes, I caved in and granted someone the exception. That will never happen again.
  3. My parents and 18 year old brother despise me because I strive to be everything that they are not: successful. Out of those three, I only have a space in my life for my mother. If she ever changed and stopped defending my brother and father’s explicable actions and lifestyle, I would gladly resume a relationship with her.
  4. Girls make better friends for me than guys overall, but there are guy friends that are irreplacable to me.
  5. I can work an entire summer from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. for absolutely no wages and love every minute of it.
  6. I have slept in the same bed as Clayton Brooks more times (8) than I have with a girl (0) this summer.
  7. Even after not talking to some of them for years, many of my old, true friends came back to me, and I am thankful for that.
  8. It took me 20 summers to finally achieve an even tan, chest and back included.
  9. Of all the girls I have ever kissed, only one of them was actually good at kissing back.
  10. I overanalyze everything.
  11. In the past, including this summer, I have allowed people to waste my time. I have learned to heed before walking into such scenarios again.
  12. I have gotten into relationships that I should have stayed out of.
  13. You can be told in one sentence that you are the nicest, sweetest, kindest guy and that you are an extremely good boyfriend in every way and be broken up with in the very next sentence.
  14. I went on my first roller coaster this summer and can honestly say there were times when I closed my eyes. After awhile, I got the hang of it.
  15. In two months time you can go from having everything you could ever want to having almost nothing at all.
  16. I have been driven and tempted to do things involving girls that I tell people I would never do but the good Rob in me always prevents it or backs out at the last second.
  17. I can never be someone that I am not.
  18. I can bike 60 miles in four and a half hours in 95 degree weather with 35 ounces of water just because I am bored.
  19. This summer was the first time I ever cried in front of a male friend. I am absolutely not embarassed by it, he understands why I was hurt.
  20. I got my first tattoo this summer and unlike most people I know, have never once showed it off.
  21. Going to and being in college is extremely important to me and I am proud of my academic accomplishments.
  22. After telling myself that the youngest person I would date would have to be no more than 3 years younger than me, I faltered and dated a 16 year old. This will also never happen again.
  23. I can never hate a person. There are currently three people that I do not care about, but I can never bring myself to hate them.
  24. After going 0-9 in my co-ed softball league last year and starting this season 0-1, it felt good to finally win a game the following week. I waited 10 career games for a win, but it could not have come with me being on a better team.
  25. I achieved my “15 minutes of fame,” so to speak in game #6 of this season when I hit a walk-off, game winning, 2 run home run into the woods and was greeted at home plate by my teammates, who doused me in water and cheers.
  26. Only one person has ever calmed me down and taken my overly competitive edge away by telling me to “calm down” and rubbing my back. They no longer have that affect on me.
  27. I have had more girlfriends from June 30th, 2009 to early August 2009 (2) than I had from June 18th, 2006 to June 21st, 2009 (1).
  28. I have a brilliant baseball mind and would make a great manager someday.
  29. I have seen a blind person play the piano better than alot of people who have sight. This is not an insult to him in any way, he plays marvelously.
  30. After promising myself at the end of my senior year of high school that I would not lose my physical fitness, I am now in the best physical condition of my life.
  31. Once on a bike ride of mine, I happened to drive by the cemetary in Dover and remembered that my great-grandfather was buried there. On a whim, I turned in, walked to his grave after having remembered where it was when my mother visited it with me as a child, and wished him a happy belated birthday. I have no idea why I did that.
  32. I am competitive in everything that I do, whether it be playing basketball at the local park, competing against myself when I bike challenging courses, or doing a Sudoku puzzle.
  33. Each time I write, I provide everyone who knows the link to my site a looking glass into my personal life, and I don’t mind it. I love sharing things that the average person keeps within.
  34. I am truly a nice guy, in so many ways.
  35. Life goes on, even if the things that you want to happen don’t work out your way.
  36. Driving a car is not only very easy for me, I find it completely relaxing as an activity in general.
  37. The only thing on the Taco Bell menu that I eat and like are the bean burritos.
  38. It has rained entirely too much this summer.
  39. This summer has been both the best and the worst of my life.
  40. “Everyone deserveS a chance”

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