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My Thanks

Marilyn Ziegler. Bernita Bailey. Mary Jackson. Paula Holmes. Kate Montero. Karen Brooks. Terry Schreyer. Linda DeVries. Karen Penney. Debra Travis.

As the above list shows, I have had a lot of wonderful women to call “mom” over the years. It has been well documented that my childhood was a tumultuous one, and I often found myself at my friends’ houses more often than my own. In different stages and at different times, I was taken care of or helped out by these individuals. Some have helped or aided more than others, some have known me for nearly my entire life, some only for the past few years, but I want to recognize them all equally, because I would not be nearly the person I am today without their influence.

I am currently watching a video that makes me tear every time I watch it, because the words used speak for me, maybe better than I ever could. They show my thankfulness and unrelenting acknowledgement for these ten women.

I know that I can never truly pay back these women for what they have done for me, regardless of what each has contributed and how long they were around. I can only continue to lead my life in the way that I have, in presenting myself as the youth that they saw grow up before them. I know that their positive influence will continue to shine through, and I try to be the best human being that I can be. I don’t have enough words or nearly enough time in my life to discuss my gratitude, so all I can offer is a simple “Thank You.” Happy Mother’s Day, to you guys and all moms out there ❤

With nothing else to write, I’d like to leave you with the video.


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